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Hey everyone! This is Serene, the host :)

Give us fun story or Request any k pop music that you would like to listen on our show!

Love ya <3





Hi, I am From Dallas and new to this program.  I am a huge fan of Kim Hyun Joong.  I travel to see his concerts in Mexico City, Macau, and Japan.  Can you please Play some Kim Hyun Joong on your Program so I can have local station to support?  His latest mini album was released in Japan and it is my new Favorite.  I love any of his music. 

Thank you Alikay
Alikay! Thank you for your message and congrats to be our first listener who wrote comments! :) We will never forget you <3 check out tomorrow's show! we called your name and played Kim hyun joong's song too! Have a wonderful day.